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About Remarkable Cleaners, Wigan

Remarkable Cleaning ServicesRemarkable Cleaners was initially a group of 5 dedicated cleaners who simply wanted to make a living by helping people out. 10 years have passed and we are now one of the most prominent cleaning companies in the entire Greater Manchester area, and its all thanks to you that we’ve managed to achieve that. All of these years it has been you who inspired us to use all bio-degradable detergents, or to implement our honesty payment policy. This is why we give additional discounts to all of our loyal and even the new clients, lowering the already low prices of our cleaning services.

Benefits of calling us in Wigan

It is our honest work and great results that are most proud off, achieving that using only the finest detergents and cleaning machines, but still keeping our prices low. With us budget cleaning doesn't mean low quality, by calling for us you will enjoy:

  • First rate cleaning crews
  • Friendly customer support 
  • Convenient booking hours for any case
  • Complete insurance coverage
  • Direct contact with our supervisors

We treat all of our customers with the same respect and attention that they deserve, regardless of your order size or urgency, our team will dedicate all of their resources into cleaning anything you want cleaned, discretely and with no hassle.

Eco-friendly cleaning

Because we look after our clients and want nothing but the best for them, we have upgraded our line of detergents and blemish removal supplies to all eco-friendly, bio-degradable meaning that even the allergy prone individuals in your household will be safe. We started offering this in 2006 and have received many happy clients, with no noticeable increase in pricing or cleaning time. What is even better, the detergents we use do not harm the environment, providing you with a premium service not at the expense of the environment.

Healthy cleaning

Remarkable Cleaning ServicesWith our REACH compliant detergents come a slew of health benefits for your family and pets. Because they are all bio-degradable, they have low toxins levels, reducing those of your home, while also taking care of any allergens and irritants that may cause skin lesions or even respiratory issues with children and even adults.

Booking our ideal services

We’ve made it convenient for you, just give us a phone call at  and the friendly team over at our help desk will handle all the rest. Receive a free quote by asking the customer rep about it, or any other information regarding our services, company, payment methods and anything else.