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Curtain Cleaning in Wigan, Greater Manchester

Remarkable Curtain CleaningSunlight can greatly dull out the colours of your curtains, reducing their aesthetics and their value, but also affecting the strength of their fiber, making them more likely to tare and wrinkle as well as hold in dust and dirt. Luckily RemarkableCleanerWigan offers you a special professional curtain cleaning service that will not only remove stains and dirt but also protect your curtains from the effects of the Sun’s U.V rays, greatly increasing their longevity.

Beneficial Curtain Cleaning Services In Wigan

You can once more enjoy the vivid colours of your curtains without having to worry about what products were use to clean and protect them, because RemarkableCleanerWigan offers all of its clients an exclusive bio-cleaning program. With is you will enjoy:

  • Impeccable results
  • Increase drapery fiber dirt resistance
  • Obnoxious odours are gone
  • Naturally smelling textiles
  • Even, thorough cleaning

And don't forget about the fiber protection that all our customers get, it will shield your fibers from the harmful U.V rays our Sun emits on a daily basis.

More About Curtain Cleaning Wigan

Dry curtain cleaning Wigan – curtains are easy to damage if not cleaned properly and with the proper techniques and detergents. Our dry cleaning treatment has been designed with the safety of your curtains in mind, utilising a gentle dust-like detergent that reacts with the stain making them easier to remove without actually harming the fibers and their colours. To properly apply this magical detergent, the wigan curtain cleaners have to take the drapery down and clean it on a solid surface, however, after they are done, they will re-hang them at no extra charge.

Remarkable Curtain CleaningCurtain steam cleaning – allows for the on time flexible cleaning, without having to remove or re hang your curtains, doing it quickly and without harming the fibers of your curtains. Because of the flexibility of this service no wrinkling will occurring, nullifying the need for curtain ironing or drying. We utilise a high pressure steam jet that injects a detergent mixture into the fibers, removing all allergens and stains, then immediately remove everything from the fibers using a high performance vacuum machine. 

Curtain Cleaning Prices
Curtain Steam Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains £19
Full length pair of curtains £24
Dry Curtain Cleaning
Half length pair of curtains £60
Full length pair of curtains £90

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