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Upholstery Cleaning in Wigan, Manchester

Remarkable Upholstery CleaningUpholstery is what we perceive of our furniture, don’t allow for it to fall into disarray and worsen your personal experience in your own home, regularly clean and maintain the upholstery of your furniture and you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a long time. Remarkable Cleaner in Wigan has the right tools and knowledge on how to clean any upholstery stain out there.

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With our various cleaning methods and treatments, we can guarantee the impeccable cleaning results of your upholstery, ranging from the rejuvenation of leather to the dust removal on suede sofas and a lot more, like:

  • Fixed discolorations
  • Protected fibers
  • Full stain removal treatment
  • No more bed bugs or dust mites
  • Healthier home

And don't forget the natural smelling after effects of our bio-degradable detergents, no longer will you be subjected to synthetic smells and cleaning supplies.

Furniture Services Details

Remarkable Upholstery CleaningLeather treatment – gives the well-deserved rejuvenation and cleaning to both synthetic and natural leather upholstery, allowing for a more thorough cleaning experience that the original state of worn upholstery would allow. For fresh leather, we only apply a conditioner that keeps the leather pliable and prevents cracking, as well as a quick polish that simply protects the leather from easy scratching and stains occurring.

If the leather is older, we apply a conditioner then rub it in using a both that collects the excess moisture while still allowing for the proper absorption of the moisture. It itself allows for an increase in longevity and better leather feel in general.

Upholstery Steam cleaning – is used on other types of upholstery, removing stains and extracting dirt and grime, fully exterminating bed bugs and dust mites that might be lingering inside the fibers. Depending on the condition of your upholstery, we employ a different set of detergents that correspond to the situation. Every one of them is bio-degradable making them safe for use around your children and pets, but as effective as synthetic detergents.

Because of the fluidity of this treatment, it is perfect for the cleaning of deep folds, removing all dog and human hairs for the upholstery, quickly and efficiently. We apply the detergent and steam mixture using a high-pressure nozzle, then extract it with the same nozzle, minimizing moisture exposure. All is left to dry for 2-3 hours though the process can be hastened by opening a window and improving the ventilation of the room, or by ordering our special air mover service that is ideal for such occasions.

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