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Depending on the food traffic they get, the time of year and general cleanliness of the house, every 3-6 months would be enough to keep any pests or dust from building up to dangerous levels.

If there is any heavy furniture in the room we are cleaning, we suggest that they be moved as it will easy our workload and prevent from furniture damage.

We specialise in antique and old furniture and rugs, offering a gentle but efficient treatment that will take care of any stains or blemishes that might have occurred.

On the previously specified time slot, if we are unable to come (highly unlikely), we will give you a call and let you know, and reschedule if possible.

Yes we can, our service supports same day booking at no extra charge for the client.

By calling , submitting a booking form or joining our live chat.

Unless they are in the way, it is not necessary, by using all bio-degradable detergents, we guarantee the safety of any living thing in your home, plants and pets included.

Call us and receive a free quote or call for a private viewing, we will give you an up to date price estimation.

Within 2-3 hours it should be ready to step on, open a window or book our air movers for quicker drying times.

Call  for our hotline or visit the live chat where you can receive answers 24/7.